2 days, 2 posts

Well I’ve added on a weather report to the site, speaking of weather, wasnt it suppose to piss rain today? It was a bit overcast but the sun was shining through for most of the day…I’ve also added a link to my updated resume.
For those who don’t know, I currently work at Teligence Communications. They specialize in IVR technology and run some of the most popular dating chat lines in North America. I’m currently under contract to install Windows XP to 400+ workstations and provide system support. Pretty good place to work, good people and definately interesting to say the least.

I’m psyched for my 1st real hike of the summer. Sumeet and I are heading up to Black Mountain which is located in Cypress Provincial Park. Jason and I have been up to Dog Mountain and Lighthouse Park so far this summer.

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