I’m heading to the Calgary Stampede this weekend!:grin: Sumeet’s friend’s husband is a mechanic at Air Canada and he was able to hook us up with $50 flight tickets to Calgary, we couldn’t pass up such a sweet deal. I’ve been once, when I was 10yrs old and I don’t remember much so I’m definately looking forward to it.

Well I headed up to Seymour Mountain for the 3rd time this week with the intention of hiking Dog Mountain again. We decided to try Seymour Mtn itself instead, well at least to the top of the ski lifts….we got 3/4’s the way up and I said screw it. I had worked out earlier in the day and was already bagged, plus it was all uphill, lotsa fun, not. Sumeet and I saw a big bear twice this week, in the same spot looking for garbage right next to a house, that was cool. I got one picture of him then I tried to zoom in close but he bailed.
The next hike is black mountain forsure. I also wanna get out to Manning Park and back to Elfin Lakes for a overnighter.

Been watching Big Brother? I’ve been watching it and Jase and Scott suck! Those two guys need to be voted off very soon, not only because they have formed a strong alliance but because their such girls, pretty boys etc, they must go. I think the girls of the house will take care of them…hopefully.

Well, I’m leaving Saturday morning and returning Sunday night, flying stanby (eek). I’ll be back with a bunch of pictures, redneck pics definately and a big hangover…..

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