extended vacation time

I’m officially on vacation now. My contract at Teligence expired and It’s back to job hunting. I applied for two positions at Teligence and the chances of one of them are pretty good, I should know this week.

Calgary was kinda interesting, I learned that everyone lives in the suburbs, the place is a ghosttown on weekends. The Stampede was like theVancouver PNE but with a cowboy twist. Check out the pics. Driving home from the airport, seeing all the mountains and thinking about all the type of activities you can do in BC on any given day really made me realize how lucky I am to live in BC.

Sumeet and I we’re in Kelowna last weekend, it was scorching hot, about 42-43 degrees. Stayed for a couple of nights, partied it up, rented scooters, visited Grandma 🙂

Getting ready to hike Black Mountain this morning, should be a good one.

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