new job!!

Yahoo, finally back to work! I’m now a ‘ installation & maintenance technican‘ for Teligence. It’s a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to something different with some travelling involved, I start Monday. 😎

Checked out ‘ the bourne supremacy ‘ which really kicked ass but I think I liked the 1st one better. Also saw ‘ harold and kumar go to whitecastle’ which was *really* funny, way better then I expected, it even got two thumbs up.

Added a style switcher for the site so that users could pick their own favorite skin, I like the jaws skin the best and it should be the default for the site, also added a plugin ‘google-pics’ that adds pics from and directs to you to the news article.
Also added a panoramic view of english bay as the site banner :wink:, let me know what ya think!

la la la

I’m into my 2nd of no-workie now, I’ve had a couple call-backs so next up is the interview which will be happening this week, one job looks really good. I’m going to enjoy my time off while I have it.

Sumeet is in Toronto this week (poor girl) doing some training, btw, she currently works at Navigata Communications.

Check the pics out from Black Mountain, the views are from Eagle Bluff on Black Mtn located @ Cypress. I might try and hike HollyBurn Peak again myself weather permitting.

If the weather is super shitty this week I’ll probably try to make the site cooler, add-ons etc. We’ll see!