frequent flyer

Not really, not yet anyhow. Chicago trip was cancelled on the last minute last Friday. Re-scheudled for the Oct.26th. It will be a crazy October, I’ll be on the road for 3 weeks straight, Dallas, Chicago and then back to Dallas.

Its October tomorrow and I’m already seriously looking forward to snowboarding, WOOT! I need a new jacket and its time for a helmet. Would like to ditch my board for a better powder board but I’ll probably do that next year. Yearly trip to Big White!!

Watched the last few minutes of the U.S Presidential Debate tonight. Go Kerry!

I’ve seen a few movies since my last blabbings….Hero, The Village, and The Forgotten. Hero was excellent. Very good, on par with Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon or a bit better even. I thought ‘The Village’ kicked ass too….’The Forgotten’ wasn’t bad but I think I had higher expectations going in.

Other then that, just hitting the gym lots, 4-5 days a week lately.
Madden 2005 rules! Excellent game, Im really looking forward to Fifa 2005..I havn’t taken to NHL 2005 yet, but maybe soon…

long weekend

Well theres a lot going on but I’ve been too lazy to write any of it down….

Going on 4 weeks into the new job and its going pretty good, learning a ton and its non-stop. My first trip is to Chicago from Sept 26-30th to cutover one of our ‘hubs’ to our new co-location in the windy city. I should have some down time to drive around and take some photos, anyone know of any good tourist spots to take photos please let me know. I think my next trip after will be to SanFran in early October.

Long weekend has been nice, Friday was a gong show, dont remember much of it. Saturday was recovering, Sunday Sumeet and I headed out to Elfin Lakes but only got half way because we didn’t leave early enough and it was getting late plus it was frikkin freezing! Today we’ll just be taking it easy, Sumeet’s making my favorite breakfast – french toast!

Juventus sign Cannavaro from Inter and Ibrahimovic from Ajax!!! Two awesome signings, you knew Capello wanted to stregthen the defense and with Cannavaro he does just that, the Azzurri Captain is now a bianconeri player. Ibra brings awesome talent who will be gunning for Trezeguet and Del Piero’s spot on the starting 11, although I hope Del Piero is back to his old-self and Ibrahimovic replaces Trezeguet. Im looking very forward to this years Serie-A league (I order the telelatino channel from shaw my cable supplier so I’m lucky enough to get 2-3 of the big name matches every weekend).