frequent flyer

Not really, not yet anyhow. Chicago trip was cancelled on the last minute last Friday. Re-scheudled for the Oct.26th. It will be a crazy October, I’ll be on the road for 3 weeks straight, Dallas, Chicago and then back to Dallas.

Its October tomorrow and I’m already seriously looking forward to snowboarding, WOOT! I need a new jacket and its time for a helmet. Would like to ditch my board for a better powder board but I’ll probably do that next year. Yearly trip to Big White!!

Watched the last few minutes of the U.S Presidential Debate tonight. Go Kerry!

I’ve seen a few movies since my last blabbings….Hero, The Village, and The Forgotten. Hero was excellent. Very good, on par with Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon or a bit better even. I thought ‘The Village’ kicked ass too….’The Forgotten’ wasn’t bad but I think I had higher expectations going in.

Other then that, just hitting the gym lots, 4-5 days a week lately.
Madden 2005 rules! Excellent game, Im really looking forward to Fifa 2005..I havn’t taken to NHL 2005 yet, but maybe soon…

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