back home

Well I’m back home. We had to leave Chicago and fly to Cleveland within a moments notice. So I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of Chicago but I got a lot of Cleveland pics, Check’em out. Back to Dallas on Sunday.

Glad to see the Red-Sox win the world series, I was hoping it would go longer but oh well. If they hadn’t won the world series since 1918 I would have cheered the Cardinals, mainly because of Larry Walker. Maybe next year Larry.

Doesn’t look like anyone is going to stop the mighty Juventus this season, undefeated in SerieA and in the Champions League. Forza Juve!


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Was in Dallas last week and it was smoking hot! Recording tying temperatures at 90 degrees farenheit, 32 celsius. Dallas is huge! Took some pictures of Book Depository and the JFK assaination area – check the pics.

I was in Chicago 24th-26th, now I’m Cleveland. I’m outta here tomorrow and heading back home! Then it’s off to Dallas again on Sunday then thats it until mid November, then its off to Atlanta. Going from PST to CST and EST is brutal and I feel like I could sleep for 24hrs straight.

Thats been my last couple weeks, phew.