all is well

Things are going good. Job is going great, no complaints in that area.

I do have to complain about the shitty drivers in North Vancouver. I honestly think they’re as bad (ok, almost as bad) as Richmond drivers. It seems like the average speed is 40 klm in North Van.

ICBC statistics show that its the people who are driving too fast and too slow that cause the majority of accidents, they say to drive the average speed, keep in line with the rest of the traffic.

Im not sure if I mentioned this before, but Quiznos subs really suck. Every sub ive tried tastes the same, they have the most blandest food ever, I call them Blandos.

I love the toasted Subway subs, I hope they put Blandos out of business.

Well I’m pretty much giving up beer. Getting a beer gut sucks, so Im switching to the hard stuff. Martinis in fact. I’ve come to love a good cosmopoltian martini (vodka,tripe sec, lemon juice, cranberry juice).

Movies – Im not sure if I’ve already mentioned the movie Sideways, its my movie of 2004. I really liked the whole story line. Since being nominated for a bunch of oscars its been distrbuted to a lot more theatres.

Hotel Rwanda was also excellent. I never even heard about the Genocide in Rwanda at the time, I was only in Grade 11, but a lot of other people all over the world never heard about it at the time it was happening either. The real UN colonel in the movie never had a relationship with the hotel owner. The colonel was never contacted to give his insight in the role played by Nick Nolte. He said that the film neglected to show that 8 UN officers were at the hotel the whole time keeping people safe from the Hutu militia. Nevertheless this was still a great movie..

I saw The Alamo last night. It was Ok, 5/10 I’d say. It had a good start but slow middle and a dull ending. The movie had 95million dollar budget and it brought in 22million. Billy Bob Thornton plays Davey Crockett. Jason Patric I thought sucked in the movie as Jim Bowie. I think he sucks period, well, he was good in The Lost Boys.

What was with that senile Eastwood comment about killing Michael Moore if he ever came to his house with a camera? Take it easy sparky, I doubt Dirty Harry would give some the stupidest suggestions/answers on gun laws and the murder rate in America like Mr. Heston did. At least I hope.

I hope the Eagles beat the shitty Patriots on SuperBowl Sunday. Sick of the pats! Should have been the Steelers. Next year its the Lions (detroit, not bc) turn!

I hate both the NHLPA and NHL. The fact that they’ve basically gotten nowhere with the negotiating to this date really pisses me off. I hope a new league starts or something. The players need to accept a cap, the NFL, NBA and other sports have it and players are still making millions.

long time

been a while since ive posted anything. well, im working again, desktop support at honeywell.

just noticed TSN was hacked, took a screenshot.

picked up married with children season 1 dvd, such a good show. Al Bundy! 4 touchdowns in one game!!!