I just had someone at work (who I barely know) ask me a general question about their home computer. The person stated that he just moved and now he can no longer see the D: drive. I said perhaps the cables came loose during the move and he should check the cable to see if either end came loose. He said he would. We walked down the hall and he asked if he could call me if he had any problems, I said “Sure, my extension is 3529”, he then said “No, your home number”.

— Just because I know computers doesn’t mean I want to help you fix yours. There is an expectation out there that us computer guys love to fix other peoples computers – and most times for free.

If your a professional plumber, would you want to be inundated with questions regarding plumbing from people? I think not.

I’m OK with an odd “How do I get it to do this” question, but to expect someone that you barely know to give you their home phone number so you can give them free technical support is aboslutely insane.

Personally, I usually even say no when people to offer to pay me. For me, working with computers all day is enough, computers are also my hobby in my spare time which is becoming less and less, so sorry If I dont want to spend 3-4hrs building your PC. This is just me though, I know a lot of people who dont mind doing that sort of stuff in their spare time, to each his own.

So, as you may have guessed I pleasantly said “No” to his request.

Anyone else with a similar feeling on this or anyone with any comment on this, please do so.

thank you, come again

Well I re-vamped the site, upgraded to WordPress 1.5, btw wordpress owns. Added a new theme, designed by Theron Parlin, check out his wicked site.

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So much for hockey this season, I think their better off cancelling the season. Who wants to win the cup the year 30games decide where you place in the playoffs and what if your teams ends up winning, yay I won the cup the year it didn’t really count…sorta like the rangers did in 94 🙂

Juventus VS Real Madrid on Tuesday, Champions League Semi’s. I’ll be taping the game forshizzle. Let us not forget who eliminated who in 2003. AC Milan VS Man United will be excellent, the two teams have never met.

Until next time..