Montercristo no.4

I enjoyed my 1st Montercristo cigar last weekend. It was the Montercristo no.4. It was excellent, hint of nut, good draw and it burnt well, it’s one of cheaper and most popular of the habano’s. I was living the high-life at the Cambie, drinking Stella and smoking a cigar there just seemed weird, but the sunshine was out in full-force and they had a patio so…

CIA inspector ends Iraqi weapons hunt

In case any of you didn’t know, the whole weapons of mass destruction was a joke.

Last Updated Tue, 26 Apr 2005 11:35:47 EDT

WASHINGTON – The CIA’s top weapons inspector in Iraq has ended his hunt for weapons of mass destruction.

Charles Duelfer posted his findings online in the form of an addendum to his October 2004 report that concluded former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, but wanted them.

“As matters now stand, the WMD investigation has gone as far as feasible,” wrote Duelfer, head of the Iraq Survey Group. “After more than 18 months, the WMD investigation and debriefing of the WMD-related detainees has been exhausted.”

He concluded it was “unlikely that an official transfer” of weapons of mass destruction between Iraq and Syria occurred, but couldn’t rule out shipments of “limited WMD-related materials.”

U.S. President George W. Bush used the presence of weapons of mass destruction as a key argument for the invasion of Iraq.

Duelfer did warn that Saddam’s weapons programs produced a number of Iraqi weapons specialists. While many will look for civil sector jobs, others could provide help to “hostile foreign governments, terrorists or insurgents.”

As many as 1,000 weapons inspectors and translators formed the survey group in Iraq, which officially disbanded last month.

Going on’s

Well Juventus is out of the Champions League once again. They played a horrible game against Liverpool yesterday. They seemed to lack the spirit they had against Real Madrid. Time for some changes in midfield, starting with Nedved, sell him while he’s still hot.

Sumeet has been promoted into management at Navigata. Her new title is ‘Product Manager, Data & IP Services’. Way to go babe!
As for me, work is going great. It’s a position that doesn’t really require me to take my work home, so I’ll be taking some courses/certifications soon.

Sumeet and I both started Spanish class this week. So far so good. With anything that I’ve showed any interest in lately, I’m determined to see it through – until I can speak Spanish almost fluently, this will obviousy take some time but we’re going to get it done.

I’ve gone cigar crazy since returing from Cuba. I brought back 25 Cohiba Esplendidos which I found out are the mack daddy of the Cohiba’s. Also brought back a Romeo y Julieta Churchill which I’ll be puffing on my b-day. I spoke to a local cigar dealer and he told me to get a humidor for my cigars ASAP, they can dry out and eventually get insects, so I went out and bought a bad-ass humidor. If your interested in getting some, don’t buy any locally, well singles yes, but if you want 5 or more, buy them off the internet. The local dealers here mark up their cigars bigtime, they double their money. Check out cigars of cuba.

Until next time…

Anfield awaits emotional encounter

I’m looking forward to Juventus beating Liverpool tomorrow so all the drudged up drama of Heysel can be laid to rest.

Anfield awaits emotional encounter

Monday, 4 April 2005

By Simon Hart in Liverpool

Fabio Capello’s talk of the special atmosphere of Anfield during his pre-match press conference will have evoked memories of many a memorable European night at Liverpool FC’s famous home.

Poignant evening
Another one awaits on Tuesday as his Juventus FC side come to town on an evening that will be rich with emotion. Liverpool and Juventus are meeting for the first time since the 1985 European Champions’ Cup final at Heysel – an occasion blackened by the death of 39 fans – and listening to Capello and his Liverpool counterpart Rafael Benítez speak on the eve of this UEFA Champions League quarter-final, the shared desire to produce an occasion memorable for sporting reasons was evident.

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Martin Calls for Answers in Kazami Death

I sure hope Zahra Kazemi’s family gets justice.

Martin Calls for Answers in Kazami Death

Josh Pringle

Friday, April 1, 2005

Prime Minister Paul Martin says Iran must be held accountable for the death of Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi.

An Iranian doctor says he saw obvious signs on her body that the 54-year old Kazemi was savagely beaten, tortured and raped before she died.

A low-level secret police officer was acquitted in her death.

Paul Martin says something must be done in international courts or the U-N Commission on Human Rights.