Focus on Cuba at the UN Commission on Human Rights

Came across this very interesting article concerning the United Nations focus on Cuba at the HRC.

To understand this game we need to remind ourselves of the shifting rationale for the invasion of Iraq. When links to terrorist atrocities and the various disarmament arguments had failed, the invasion and mass slaughter was transformed into a mission on behalf of “democracy and human rights”.

Basically any country with self-determination that defies imperialism is on the U.S’s hitlist. No wonder the Cuban government is always on stand-by for a U.S invasion, especially when it has been attempted before. Oh, and when you’re 90minutes away by boat, then your going to suffer even more.

It really bothers me how the UN and EU are ignoring all the claims of totrure at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Gharib, yet 70 political dissidents who have been charged for accepting money in attempts to overthrow their local government is front page news. It was made front page news because the US wanted it to be..

Former CIA agent Philip Agee said the US reaction to the 2003 arrests was: “Hey! Those are OUR GUYS the bastards are screwing!”

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  1. and a couple of weeks after i wrote this Amnesty International releases their findings on Guantanamo bay prison calling it the ‘gulag’ of our times.

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