Whats happening?

If you didn’t hear the news, two PETA staff were charged with animal cruelty. They were dumping dead dog/cat bodies into a grocery store garbage bin. PETA routinely collects animals to find them homes or in some cases euthanizes them in a more humane way (some counties in the U.S. perform mass gassing). Crazy.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Eliades Ochoa. He’s a Cuban singer/composer and a kick-ass guitarist. He’s a member of the famed Buena Vista Social Club. He’s a traditionalist playing Sones, Guarachas, Guajiras and Boleros music. I highly recommend people check out his music.

I’ve just started playing the guitar myself. It’s tough so far, my fingers and wrist get sore fast and its tough learning from a book but I’m enjoying it.

I’ve reviewed a few movies lately – Napolean Dynamite, Office Space and Dog Day Afternoon. Here’s the link to my movie reviews. To keep up with the news in BC make sure to check out NewsBC.ca if you haven’t already.

Tonight I’m thinking beer, guitar and a flick. Have a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Whats happening?”

  1. well thanks for the tunes – how’s the espaniel coming senor netnerd? get some fiddle lessons ya hack! um weekends are a state of mind. supposed to be compensatory of the human condition – a man’s life? trouble, toil, and strife. but heh it doesn’t last too long right? …never inhale! and don’t forget to shop shop shop! (real media)

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