UN investigators say U.S. stalling prison visits

Finally, pressure is really starting to mount on the U.S over the allegations of torture and abuse at the Guantanamo Bay prison which the U.S. has illegaly occupied since 1903.

“The lack of a definitive answer despite repeated requests suggests that the United States is not willing to cooperate with the United Nations human rights machinery on this issue,” they said in a statement which pointedly declared that no state was above international human rights law.

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One thought on “UN investigators say U.S. stalling prison visits”

  1. “In 1947, Serge Krylov, a judge at the International Court of Justice said that any treaties “by which an imperialist power imposes its will upon a weaker state” are invalid.”

    They need to get their imperialist asses the hell out of Cuba. Pushy bully bastards.

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