Bolton Failed to Disclose Investigator’s Interview

This is just not the guy the U.S should have representing them at the U.N. . I’m totally for having someone in the U.N shake things up a bit over there but a known bully like John Bolton – who just happens to be a Bush cronie is not the right person.

He was the same guy who wrote a report about Iraq having weapons etc but also said Cuba was stock-piling bio-logical weapons and conspiring with other countries doing the same – a report that Jimmy Carter (head of a human rights committee) rubbished after his visit to Cuba.

Now this regarding his report of nukes in Iraq that he forgot about…

“Mr. Bolton’s excuse that he `didn’t recall being interviewed by the State Department’s Inspector General’ is simply not believable,” the letter said.

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Well it’s been just over a month since my last update, I’m such a slacker I know. But I’ve been keeping busy.

Summer has finally come around, It’s been hot-hot-hot for the last week or so. It’s the BC Day long weekend and I don’t have anything planned. I was in Hope, BC visiting my mom and grandma last weekend. The Hope Mountain Blues-Festival was on that weekend and we were going to attend but we could hear the music pretty well from my mom’s backyard so we just had a big fire and a BBQ. My cousin Amanda also came with us, was good times.

Haven’t watched any movies, just been watching 2 reality shows, Big Brother 6, and Hell’s Kitchen. Both are great but Big Brother really kicks ass. All you reality-show haters can suck it because it’s better then 3/4’s of the shite thats on TV. Friends, 70’s show – all suck ass. I really hate the show Friends. It’s just not funny unless your like continuous corn-ball jokes. They don’t even have a token black/chinese guy, come on!! 70’s show has run its course I think too..gets boring fast. I’m looking forward to the next season of The Sopranos. That show is my favorite of all time (that and the greatest american hero, lol)

Haven’t hiked much lately either. I hiked up to Mt.Strachan on Cypress with Chris back in June, it was really cloudy so we didn’t get any views. I also headed up to 1st and 2nd peak on Seymour with Jem with a couple weeks ago which was good. I hope to hike somewhere on Sunday, maybe near Squamish – something with a nice lake would be nice.

Our wedding date has been SET! June 24th 2006!! Woo-hoo!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!