Garibaldi / Black Tusk

This past weekend myself, Jem and Jason backpacked it up to Garibaldi Provincial Park. It was all uphill on the way to the Park of course and I had a bit of a time getting up it with the all the weight in my pack (8 tallboys didn’t help) but we finally made after about 3-3.5hrs.
The park has wickedly nice landscaping with a big glacier in full view behind the lake. After arriving and setting up camp we took it easy on the beach-shore area and on the dock where we enjoyed some booze 😉 On Sunday we hiked up to the ridge of Black Tusk and had lunch. I had freeze-dried cheese enchilada’s – they weren’t too bad at all. Rest of Sunday we chilled on the Park Rangers dock. Jem struck up an interesting conversation with some Americans – maybe hoping to wind them up a bit over their Government but they were pretty liberal and actually worked for the John Kerry party. We shared some thoughts etc and it was pretty evident of what we all thought of Bush. We also met a couple of cute Park Ranger ladies and I think Jem is now checking out the pre-requisites to become a Park Ranger.

Check out the pics.

I somehow messed up the email list, so I’ve added most people back on, sorry for the hassle.

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