Raul Malo

Sumeet and I checked out Raul Malo at Richards on Richards this past Saturday. It was an incredible accoustic performance by Raul and I hope he makes it back again.

Country music fans will probably know him from his 15yrs with “The Mavericks” as the lead singer. He’s been on his own for a while and released his solo album which I picked up a while ago and just happened to notice he was touring through-out North America.

They call him the Spanish Roy Orbison. He probably has the most amazing voice I have ever heard! He sang songs from his 1st solo album and his upcoming album that will be released in January, plus a bunch of hits from Roy Orbison, Elvis, and a bunch of other classics.

I rented a great flick – Life and Debt. Its about the effects of globalization on Jamaica. Basically how the IMF and World Bank along with the WTO have completely screwed the Jamaican enconomy for the long term. They lend a country money with extremely heavy restrictions and regulations on what the country can spend the money on, not to mention ridiculous interest rates. Also, for example, Jamaica cannot export Banana’s (their main export) to anyone except the British, they can only export to the British because they hold a colonial agreement with Jamaica. Chiquita and Dole (American owned, South American grown) are the only suppliers to North America and most of the world. Which of course leaves the 3rd or 4th generation Jamaican farmers in the poor-house. Good flick, 4 stars.

Cuban Five

In case you haven’t heard of them or their struggle for justice, here’s a description of the current events taking place right now regarding them.

The Cuban 5 are -Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and René González.

They were in Miami monitoring terrorist activities of Miami ultra right-wing groups who have commited terrorist acts against Cuba in the past. In a hot anti-socialism climate in Miami, they were rail-roaded into jail and were labelled as spies.
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I was at the Canucks intra-squad game last Sunday. Here a few things I noticed about some of the players…

Richard Park – fast and he was everywhere. (he kicks ass on the PK unit in NHL06 btw)

Mike Brown – looked like shit, weird skating stride and seemed to lack finishing skills (kinda like Brad May, lol, sorry that was too easy)

Ed Jovonovski – I think he must have been injured, didn’t notice 55 out there.

James Demone – He was the one of the finalists on CBC’s “Making the cut” where he won a try with a NHL club. He didn’t look out of place at all, him and Bertuzzi had something going on. It looked like Bert was trying to punish him a bit but Demone looked good.

Markus Naslund – Looked like Markus Naslund. Had some good moments, I don’t think he was giving it a full 100%, but I don’t think many veterans were.

Sedin Twins – Both looked good, particularly Henrik. They definitely are masters at puck-position/cycling.

Adam Keefe – He was a pitbull out there, scored a goal, looked decent but I can’t see him on the team.

Luc Boudron – Looked decent, I was expecting him to be taller for some reason.

Fedor Federov – Was pretty quiet even though he had some assists on a line with Linden. He scored a nice goal towards the end, but I was expecting more given this is probably his last chance to make the Canucks or the NHL for that matter.

Jarko Ruutu – The usual high-intensity from Ruutu, had some chances, completely blew a breakaway in dying seconds of the game, was funny though.

Anson Carter – What a crazy skating stride he has, it doesn’t look to be effective but he’s scored goals before so it obviously works for him.

Canucks pre-season starts tonight. I hope the nucks smash Pronger.

My view on Michael Moore

He’s being called the “Rush Limbaugh” of the left. Michael Moore already takes a beating from right-winger’s and leftists are getting pissed off because he brings no credibility to them.

I understand that his films have a lot of propaganda, inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and are almost completely one sided and doesn’t present facts objectively which make his films far from what a ‘real’ documentary should be. He masterfully edits his films to sensationalize them (although this done in a lot of movies and so-called documentaries).

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links n’ stuff

Thought I’d post some good links while I enjoy my Stella and Juan Lopez no.2.

c-mac sent me a good article by Keith Olbermann regarding Katrina and the U.S. governments response, here’s the link – check it out.

The U.S. will buy gas from Venezuela and accept 5million in dollars in aid but are giving some lame excuse about accepting doctors and medicine from Cuba and other Latin America countries because they might lack the nescessary “certification”.
Cuba could have been in the affected areas within 1 hour. Oxfam and the U.N both have recognized Cuba as a leader in disaster response.

In the football world, Juventus stopper Gigi Buffon has stuck up for displaced Juventus and Azzuri teammate Alex Del Piero.
I think it would be best if Del Piero was dealt to a team where he would get 1st team action the entire season where he can display to Azzuri coach Marcelo Lippi he could play in the 2006 World Cup.



Whats going on? A whole lot of drama is what’s going on. From Hurricane Katrina to the stampede in Iraq where almost 1000 people died.

I was sent an interesting link to Michael Moore’s site where he has an open letter to President Bush asking him where all the military choppers and national guard reservers are. They could’ve been used in New Orleans.

To me it seems pretty strange how the rescue plan went down in New Orleans. You’d think they would have planes there to help evacuate people to other parts of the country. Where they could setup some sort of refugee camp which would obviously be funded by the federal government. Why can’t the richest country in the world get this done? Or at least something of the sort. It’s pretty amazing that a country can spend billions upon billions on weapons and more billions on war but cannot put together a proper rescue plan when one of their states that they obviously know is susceptible to major flooding in the event of a hurricane. Pretty mind boggling to me, maybe I’m being a bit naive but I think a lot more could/can be done.

The looting doesn’t suprise me one bit. I don’t condone the violence that is going on but If I was living in poverty you’d probably see me running out of Wal-Mart with anything I could carry. 😐

I truly hope Katrina triggers some sort of energy-conserving plans for the U.S. and that Bush will stop ignoring science and get with the program on environmental matters.

What also bothers me is that America started to call the hurricane “their tsunami”. I’m sorry but there is no comparison, even at this early stage. 250,000+ lost their lives because of that tsunami, just doesn’t feel right comparing the two.

Now on to something a little lighter….

Public Enemy
My all-time favorite hip-hop band Public Enemy will have their album Fear of a Black Planet enshrined for preservation by the Library of Congress. The 2nd hip-hop album to make it, the 1st was The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5. As a huge fan of theirs, I’m very proud! P.E. always keeps it real and Chuck D has always made me think.

Fear Of A Black Planet Chosen by Library Of Congress

First the seminar at NYU for It Takes A Nation, now this. The Library of Congress names Fear Of A Black Planet as one of the 50 selected recorded works to be enshrined for preservation. In the 3rd year of these recorded selections on 50 situations are chosen per year. Before this only one other rap record was chosen, The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5. Chuck D who attended the event on Capitol Hill stated ‘ theres more fantastic music in our past than our future so far, and we’re honored to believe theres no future without recognition of the past’.