Whats going on? A whole lot of drama is what’s going on. From Hurricane Katrina to the stampede in Iraq where almost 1000 people died.

I was sent an interesting link to Michael Moore’s site where he has an open letter to President Bush asking him where all the military choppers and national guard reservers are. They could’ve been used in New Orleans.

To me it seems pretty strange how the rescue plan went down in New Orleans. You’d think they would have planes there to help evacuate people to other parts of the country. Where they could setup some sort of refugee camp which would obviously be funded by the federal government. Why can’t the richest country in the world get this done? Or at least something of the sort. It’s pretty amazing that a country can spend billions upon billions on weapons and more billions on war but cannot put together a proper rescue plan when one of their states that they obviously know is susceptible to major flooding in the event of a hurricane. Pretty mind boggling to me, maybe I’m being a bit naive but I think a lot more could/can be done.

The looting doesn’t suprise me one bit. I don’t condone the violence that is going on but If I was living in poverty you’d probably see me running out of Wal-Mart with anything I could carry. 😐

I truly hope Katrina triggers some sort of energy-conserving plans for the U.S. and that Bush will stop ignoring science and get with the program on environmental matters.

What also bothers me is that America started to call the hurricane “their tsunami”. I’m sorry but there is no comparison, even at this early stage. 250,000+ lost their lives because of that tsunami, just doesn’t feel right comparing the two.

Now on to something a little lighter….

Public Enemy
My all-time favorite hip-hop band Public Enemy will have their album Fear of a Black Planet enshrined for preservation by the Library of Congress. The 2nd hip-hop album to make it, the 1st was The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5. As a huge fan of theirs, I’m very proud! P.E. always keeps it real and Chuck D has always made me think.

Fear Of A Black Planet Chosen by Library Of Congress

First the seminar at NYU for It Takes A Nation, now this. The Library of Congress names Fear Of A Black Planet as one of the 50 selected recorded works to be enshrined for preservation. In the 3rd year of these recorded selections on 50 situations are chosen per year. Before this only one other rap record was chosen, The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5. Chuck D who attended the event on Capitol Hill stated ‘ theres more fantastic music in our past than our future so far, and we’re honored to believe theres no future without recognition of the past’.

2 thoughts on “Drama”

  1. I hear you!
    I am so discusted on the lapse of time it took the Americans to respond to the disaster, all those lives lost, and for what?
    Time lacking spent by two former US Presidents and Bush himself sitting in the warm cushy Whitehouse Oval Office sipping Brandy, trying to decide who they would send first? Our Canadian Military rescue has been ready since day one, waiting for instructions as to where they would be needed.
    It makes me wonder how fast a response would be if Canada has a National Disaster, what then?
    Its every man for himself, and every woman and child too!
    And if a Walmart was going to be washing away anyhow, I would go in and take as much as I could carry too!

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    I’m waiting to see if the U.S will accept Cuba’s assistance. I think its pretty interesting if you read into a bit more. Obviously the aid being offered by Cuba would help out immensely but how does Bush look at saying no to such aid (1200 doctors were offered to help) and how does he look if he says yes to it? pretty interesting stuff 😉

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