In the wake of such a devastating natural disaster, complete strangers come together to help one another and heroes are made….

One hero I would like to mention is James Lalande of New Orleans who refuses to leave without his dog and 2 cats.

For the past few days, about 10 volunteers have been going to addresses where people left animals and are breaking in to save them, Maloney said.

Not everyone in New Orleans left pets behind. Lalande refuses to evacuate without his dog, Charlie, and his cats, Miranda and Babettes.

“I’ve never cried in my life, but the saddest thing in the world is when all night long you hear dogs crying; big dogs, little dogs, medium dogs,” said Lalande, 62. “People left thinking they’d be gone two or three days, but now they can’t come back and their pets are starving. Tomorrow, I’m breaking in and feeding dogs.”

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Thanks to him and all of the other volunteers for coming to the rescue of all the abandoned pets in the affected areas.

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