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Thought I’d post some good links while I enjoy my Stella and Juan Lopez no.2.

c-mac sent me a good article by Keith Olbermann regarding Katrina and the U.S. governments response, here’s the link – check it out.

The U.S. will buy gas from Venezuela and accept 5million in dollars in aid but are giving some lame excuse about accepting doctors and medicine from Cuba and other Latin America countries because they might lack the nescessary “certification”.
Cuba could have been in the affected areas within 1 hour. Oxfam and the U.N both have recognized Cuba as a leader in disaster response.

In the football world, Juventus stopper Gigi Buffon has stuck up for displaced Juventus and Azzuri teammate Alex Del Piero.
I think it would be best if Del Piero was dealt to a team where he would get 1st team action the entire season where he can display to Azzuri coach Marcelo Lippi he could play in the 2006 World Cup.


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