I was at the Canucks intra-squad game last Sunday. Here a few things I noticed about some of the players…

Richard Park – fast and he was everywhere. (he kicks ass on the PK unit in NHL06 btw)

Mike Brown – looked like shit, weird skating stride and seemed to lack finishing skills (kinda like Brad May, lol, sorry that was too easy)

Ed Jovonovski – I think he must have been injured, didn’t notice 55 out there.

James Demone – He was the one of the finalists on CBC’s “Making the cut” where he won a try with a NHL club. He didn’t look out of place at all, him and Bertuzzi had something going on. It looked like Bert was trying to punish him a bit but Demone looked good.

Markus Naslund – Looked like Markus Naslund. Had some good moments, I don’t think he was giving it a full 100%, but I don’t think many veterans were.

Sedin Twins – Both looked good, particularly Henrik. They definitely are masters at puck-position/cycling.

Adam Keefe – He was a pitbull out there, scored a goal, looked decent but I can’t see him on the team.

Luc Boudron – Looked decent, I was expecting him to be taller for some reason.

Fedor Federov – Was pretty quiet even though he had some assists on a line with Linden. He scored a nice goal towards the end, but I was expecting more given this is probably his last chance to make the Canucks or the NHL for that matter.

Jarko Ruutu – The usual high-intensity from Ruutu, had some chances, completely blew a breakaway in dying seconds of the game, was funny though.

Anson Carter – What a crazy skating stride he has, it doesn’t look to be effective but he’s scored goals before so it obviously works for him.

Canucks pre-season starts tonight. I hope the nucks smash Pronger.

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