My view on Michael Moore

He’s being called the “Rush Limbaugh” of the left. Michael Moore already takes a beating from right-winger’s and leftists are getting pissed off because he brings no credibility to them.

I understand that his films have a lot of propaganda, inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and are almost completely one sided and doesn’t present facts objectively which make his films far from what a ‘real’ documentary should be. He masterfully edits his films to sensationalize them (although this done in a lot of movies and so-called documentaries).

He’s found a niche of people hell-bent on taking whatever he says as 100%. People send me links all the time to his site. I just hope they look at the facts themselves, do a little research and form their own opinion.

I think Moore is a very bright guy and I think sensationalizing world events to drive a point home isn’t bad at all. He’s bringing up issues that the most governments would rather have you not knowing or thinking about.

I like agitators and he’s one of them, but PLEASE, look at all the facts before taking everything he says as 100%.

One thought on “My view on Michael Moore”

  1. I take what Moore says with a grain of salt too, anyone who bothers to listen to him or view any of his writings or documentaries should.

    Although he’s very one sided I think he presents a side that many people (North Americans especially) are either too stupid to realize or are just plain sheltered from.

    It’s scare tactics like Moore’s that get alot of uninformed people on the path to informing themselves. Whatever it takes whether is an advocate from the left or right, I think the more informed people the better, I guess thats a pretty obvious statement though.

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