Raul Malo

Sumeet and I checked out Raul Malo at Richards on Richards this past Saturday. It was an incredible accoustic performance by Raul and I hope he makes it back again.

Country music fans will probably know him from his 15yrs with “The Mavericks” as the lead singer. He’s been on his own for a while and released his solo album which I picked up a while ago and just happened to notice he was touring through-out North America.

They call him the Spanish Roy Orbison. He probably has the most amazing voice I have ever heard! He sang songs from his 1st solo album and his upcoming album that will be released in January, plus a bunch of hits from Roy Orbison, Elvis, and a bunch of other classics.

I rented a great flick – Life and Debt. Its about the effects of globalization on Jamaica. Basically how the IMF and World Bank along with the WTO have completely screwed the Jamaican enconomy for the long term. They lend a country money with extremely heavy restrictions and regulations on what the country can spend the money on, not to mention ridiculous interest rates. Also, for example, Jamaica cannot export Banana’s (their main export) to anyone except the British, they can only export to the British because they hold a colonial agreement with Jamaica. Chiquita and Dole (American owned, South American grown) are the only suppliers to North America and most of the world. Which of course leaves the 3rd or 4th generation Jamaican farmers in the poor-house. Good flick, 4 stars.

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  1. sweet, i love the maverics I’ll have to check out sweet Raul.

    I watched life and debt on your recommendation and also really liked it. Made me wonder if per-capita the Jamaican’s are more politically aware than we 1st worlders. Of course there’s no real way you could objectively rate such a thing. Although the maker of the documentary has full control of the viewers perception it appears as though these problems and their root are in the minds of most of the people.

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