New Years in Havana

Forgot to mention in my last post….

I’ll be in Havana for new years!!

Sumeet and I will there from Dec.30-Jan.10th. We’re not doing the resort thing this time. We’ll be staying at a local Casa (b&b). A bunch of peope have recommended we take the Casa route to get better acquainted with the people and the city. We’re staying pretty close to the Malecon, the famous sidewalk seawall. We’ll be staying at Casa Particular Sandelis.
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Well it’s been over a month since I last wrote anything, I know – I’m such a slack-ass.

I’m finally taking guitar lessons! Yes indeed, building up some serious calluses on my finger tips. Lots of exercises to build up the dexterity and so forth. My teacher Marcus is pretty cool, here’s a link to his guitar site if you know of anyone looking for a great teacher.

I attended my first VACHE HERF. VACHE = Vancouver area cigar herfing ensemble, HERF = when a bunch of people get together and smoke cigars.
It was pretty cool, people from all walks of life it seems. Each of the guys gave me a ‘welcome to the club’ cigar too! A great bunch of guys! Check out the official VACHE website for pics and other stuff. BTW, my gallery of cigars can be seenhere.

Have only watched a few movies, Crash, Tupac Resurrection. Tupac Resurrection was a great movie and you dont need to be a fan of Tupac or HipHop to like this movie. The amazing thing is that it’s self narrated by Tupac, from some interviews he did shortly before his death. The guy really touched a lot of people and still does today.

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