New Years in Havana

Forgot to mention in my last post….

I’ll be in Havana for new years!!

Sumeet and I will there from Dec.30-Jan.10th. We’re not doing the resort thing this time. We’ll be staying at a local Casa (b&b). A bunch of peope have recommended we take the Casa route to get better acquainted with the people and the city. We’re staying pretty close to the Malecon, the famous sidewalk seawall. We’ll be staying at Casa Particular Sandelis.

We plan to rent a car and head to Varadero for a day, all the usual stuff – museums, clubs, cigar factories, shows and whatever else the locals suggest we check out.

I sent a proposal out to a bunch of people who I thought might be interested, its either they dont have enough vacation time or they just suck. 😛

I’ve been asked a few times: “whats the big deal about Cuba”. Read the history, thats what made me go last time, not to mention that Varadero is a great place to propose to your girlfriend. I read a lot of the history, people, politics etc. Then once you’ve been there, meeting the people is something. Everyone who travels says the people in that country we’re soooo nice, well this is definitely the case in Cuba, maybe more so then a lot of other places given the political climate over there which makes them unique. They are truly great people who are proud of their country. The place is enchanting, the people are charming.

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