been a minute..

Well its been a while since I’ve posted anything. Its not because I haven’t had anything to say, its mainly due to the fact that I wanted my new theme up & running before I added anymore blog-worthy content. Krissy built me a new custom theme, she did a great job and if anyone is looking for a custom theme I would highly recommend her!

Lets see…..I had my appendix out! I had re-occuring pain in my lower right abdomen for almost 2years, it actually started right before I left Datawave. I thought it was a bladder infection or something. It re-occured 5-6 times after that. Every time I’d see a doctor, he’d send me for tests (ultrasound, MRI, Cat-scans), but the tests we’re always 2-3 weeks after my doctors visist and by that time the pain had gone away. This latest occurence was really bad, I had some major pain this time. Next day I went to the doctor again and he it was the same thing, scheudle me for tests and he said if the pain was too much then I should go to emergency, and I did. After inspecting me for a hernia and kidney stones they came to the conclusion it was my appendix and that emergency surgery was required just in case it ruptured. Surgery took 30minutes longer they said because my appendix was seriously inflammed and scarred. It should be the width of your pinky finger and it was bigger then my thumb the doctor said. Anyways I’m recovered, all is well, nice 6″ scar. 😉
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