IOC wants Cuba at the WBC

U.S. Olympic Committee chairman Peter Ueberroth has requested that the American Government change it’s current decision and let Cuba play at the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Not letting Cuba play at the classic will hurt the U.S. chances of hosting any upcoming Olympic games.

I wonder what they’re really scared of, Cuba beating them again, or is it really an issue about upholding a ridiculous political-policy against Cuba.

Here’s the article.

Mexican homicide rate

Came across this article on the Mexican homicide rate which is only related to organized crime, pretty scary stuff. Where most homicides in other countries stem from arguments then narcotics and/or organized crime.

According to figures cited in the Mexican media, more than 1,500 people died in 2005 of violence linked to “organized crime.”
It is believed that approximately 500 women have been murdered in the state of Chihuahua since the late 1980s. Many have simply disappeared. The killing of women has continued virtually unabated since 1993. The causes of this aura of femicide vary – domestic violence, suspected narco-executions, gang shootings, and sexual assaults. Many of the murders of these women seem to follow the long-pattern of young women who suddenly disappear and are later found raped and murdered.

Havana new years re-cap

Needless to say, we had an excellent trip!

It started out with an extra 3hr delay in Toronto due to poor weather and another 20minute delay because of a missing flight attendant. It was snowing lightly in Toronto area and our plane to Havana had to be de-iced before we left. I managed to get some sleep in the airport but I was still pretty bagged by the time we hit Havana. We should have arrived at 2:30pm Havana time (+4hrs on PST) but didn’t end up there until about 6:30pm. Luckily I actually brought a couple cigars because the cigar shops we’re closed by that time, so I lit one up in the taxi on the way to our Casa. Sumeet managed to sleep on the plane so she was doing OK.

After about a 15minute drive we we’re at our Casa. Anita, the daughter of the guy who runs the website was there waiting for us amazingly, with our flight delayed almost 4hrs I figured she wouldn’t be there but she was. Not suprisingly she informed us that the Casa was full but had another ready for us. It was on the opposite end of town that we wanted but was only about a 15minute walk away from our preferred casa. Old but clean rooms, kitchenette, bed box spring from 30’s and extremely poor water pressure. Continue reading Havana new years re-cap