Vancouver- 3rd best city to live in the world!

Woohoo!! Zurich and Geneva finishes 1,2 respectively. The Swiss definitely seem to have a good thing going there.

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Zurich beat Geneva into second place, while Vancouver in Canada was third. The British Columbian city is consistently voted as one of the most desirable cities in the world to live. Surrounded by water on three sides and overlooked by mountains, it is a diverse city with a high standard of living, relatively low crime and a mild climate.

A few things…

It looked like Romano Prodi was set to be the new Italian Prime Minister but Berlusconi is rejecting Prodi’s victory. Give it up Silvio. Lets hope his beloved AC Milan also fall short in the Champions League.

President Bush’s approval ratings continue to reach new lows, current poll shows him at 38%. Go George Go!

Jeffrey Skilling the ex Enron CEO is still denying he lead the whole conspiracy. If you have read anything about the man or watched Enron: The smartest guys in the room you would know that he’s 100% guilty. He and a few others are directly responsible for ripping off millions from Enron employees and investors. I hope he rots.

In the sports world, the Vancouver Canucks lost another game last night, 4-2 to the Anaheim Ducks. The teams destiny is now completely out of their hands, we must hope that other teams lose so we can grab the final playoff spot. The team really needs a shake-up in the off-season, starting with #44. The Canucks had a lot of chances last night but for whatever reason, they couldnt capitalize, I thought last nights game summarized their entire 2nd half. L.A. was deserving of all 4 goals in my opinion. A fan called-up the morning sports show and cried because it should have been 6-2 Canucks, and I started laughing because there really is no point in saying ‘what could have happened’, fans need to get this ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ thing out of their head. I thought the host summed it up well : “They didn’t win 6-2, they lost 4-2”.

Luc Robitaille of the Los Angeles Kings has officially retired today. He was an 8 time all-star, won the calder trophy and leaves the game as the highest scoring left-wing in NHL history. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting him and getting his autograph at a Canucks game during the early 90’s. He was an extremely nice guy and very down to earth. He signed autographs for about 10minutes, then the huge garage door at the Pacific Coliseum started to close, and there he was still signing autographs as the door is coming down until he was completely hunched over trying to get everyones hockey card signed. Big-ups to Lucky-Luc.

Juventus got thumped 3-0 to Arsenal, so they’re officially out. GO BARCELONA!!

37 more days until Havana Stag.