New Job

Today is my last day with Honeywell. I found a new job with INVERS, a car-pooling/sharing management company. Basically, they manage fleets of cars for universities, cities etc with wireless technologies. I’ll be supporting their systems, which means I’ll be learning a lot about cars and their inner-workings ie: electrical side, mechanical etc, along with the wireless technology part of it. I’ve already started a course at BCIT for automotive electrical testing which is going well, learning Ohm’s law and all about electrical parts ie: switches/relays/capacitors/diodes etc.

Last day at Honeywell is today and my 1st day at INVERS is tomorrow!

15 days until I leave for Cuba, just under 2 months before the wedding..exciting times!

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  1. thanks speedo! only 2 of us total, pretty hard to get guys going on something this big, a couple others couldnt raise the funds in time etc. should be good times.

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