Camronesi to stay at Juventus

Props to juventus player Mauro Camronesi for staying in Turin to help get Juve back into Serie A where they belong. A lot of players have jumped shit for a variety reasons and It’s been great to see Nedved, Del Piero, Buffon being loyal to the club that’s helped them be the world class players they are.

I am at the disposal of the club and team and I will do all I can to make sure we get back in to Serie A next season,” he said.

“My objective is to finish the season here at the very least, I’m not going to abandon the team halfway through a championship.”

mmm hockey..

I’ve checked out two pre-season canuck games this year, I wouldn’t have normally purchased pre-season tickets especially when they’re being sold at regular season prices but I’ve been hungry for hockey especially every since the world cup ended.

I saw the Anaheim game, it was a good game to watch with the canucks winning in a shoot-out. Rookie Patrick Coluombe impressed me the most I think, Sedins we’re on fire. Other then Pavel Bure I can’t think of any other Canucks I’ve enjoyed watching more.

I also caught one of the San Jose games which stunk. San Jose dominated us all game, Luongo looked great though. I took some pics, check ’em out.

Elfin Lakes & Opal Cone hike

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and its not because I haven’t had anything to blog, I just haven’t had any motivation to blog it. 😉

Soooooo…Chris and I did a 2-night hike out at Elfin Lakes. We hiked to Elfin Lakes on day 1 and hiked Opal Cone on day 2. The hike isn’t hard but it’s a lot tougher when your carrying 50+ liters of crap on your back. As far as payoff and rewards go, Elfin Lakes/Opal Cone beats Garibaldi Lake/Black Tusk. The views from Opal Cone are the best I’ve come across ever. Opal Cone is an extinct volcanic crater near the southend of Garibaldi Neve. It had a ton of cool looking pieces of rock everywhere from when it exploded from the inside-out. Very cool place and I’ll be back.

Check out the pics.

Opal Cone