German Unity Day

As a lot of you already know, I work for a German based company and my co-workers (all 2 of them) here in the Vancouver office are, of course, German themselves. Yesterday was the German day of Unity, a celebration of the re-unification of West/East Germany. Sabine and I we’re invited to the German consulates house last night for a reception to celebrate the day. It was a good time, mostly everyone was speaking German but when they found out I only spoke English they started speaking English. They had all the usual German stuff like sausages, pretzels etc and of course German beer on tap which was Warsteiner (one of my favorite beers). So it was a good night, I learnt a little bit more about Germany and their people.

One thought on “German Unity Day”

  1. wow, that sounds like lots of fun if not a little intimidating. were any of the women there dressed like this?

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