Propaganda at its best – U.S. Pushes Anti-Castro TV,

I found this story to be quite amusing. Basically, the U.S is beaming an anti-Castro TV signal from a twin-engine plane flying at 20,000 feet (to avoid signal jamming). The show is called TV Marti and is supposed to give Cubans accurate and objective news and information. The problem is that many cubans can’t receive the signal properly or don’t want to receive it because they know it will be completely biased. Oh, and this is costing the American tax-payers 10 million.

“In my opinion, that is wasted money,” said a 35-year-old homemaker in Havana who, like all those interviewed, asked that her name not be used. “It’s propaganda.”

She and her husband said many Cubans tried to pick up commercial programs broadcast from Florida, but what they wanted was Spanish soap operas, not TV Martí.

2 thoughts on “Propaganda at its best – U.S. Pushes Anti-Castro TV,”

  1. where’s the meat & potatoes of this post kd? 😉

    ps, i think it’s a ridiculous waste of time money and fuel and how in the fuck can they expect this to make any difference whatsoever in the minds of cubans?

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    Nice to know that you got married. wow, one fantastic achievement ! greetings for your family too…

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