C-TV News sucks

I’m not a big TV watcher, It’s not because of commercials but mostly because of the content. I don’t find any of the shows to be interesting at all. In fact there isn’t one show I religiously watch, except for the Sopranos. My TV is normally on Discovery, National Geographic etc. I watch the informational programs along with local news, a bit of reality TV and of course sports and movies. The only reason I got a new 37″ LCD was for sports and movies. Take the TV show friends, I hate this show. Everyone is white and they are unbelievably fake, tell corny jokes, oh and they’ve all slept with each other. Who really relates to this? This leads me to the subject of my post – CTV New sucks.

I’ve caught CTV news a few times within the last week. I’ve been checking out the local news TV scene since CityTV dropped their local evening news show and replaced it with the Toronto based national coverage. CTV is like watching U.S news, with the over the top news anchors who probably have had cosmetic surgery, big houses and not much sense of reality for people other then themselves. Pamela Martin should just retire, Bill Good has to be the most boring guy on earth. The sports guy – Perry Solkowski is the absolute worst. He tries to deliver these witty stories on sports and just flatly fails, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look as uncomfortable on TV then Perry, weatherman Mark Dreischen who just joined CTV from CityTV is also pretty bad. Can’t forget to mention Tamara Taggart, the most annoying lady on local TV. I’m sure Tamara smells like bubble-gum and dreams of unicorns being that she’s the most overly cheerful person in the world. She use to do Canucks games on Sportsnet, I couldn’t stand her then and shes still awful.

You might think I’m being harsh but I enjoy eating a meal and watching the 6 o’clock news if I’m home and the news scene in Vancouver sucks bad. CityTV had REAL people with REAL personalities reporting. Now I have to watch GlobalTV, with shitty Tony Parsons and that fake n’ baking, ultra overly-tanned weatherman Wayne Cox.

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