Fickle fans

I haven’t listened to any sports radio since Mojo730 went off the air but I did tune into Team1040 last week a couple times and I gotta say it was nice to hear the fans call in a be positive for once.

The fan base here are very fickle, they hate you when you lose and they make it very clear about it, and they love you when you win.

Even though the team is only something like 1-2 games above .500, people are calling in praising the work ethic of the team which is really something because we probably had the laziest team last year.  If we won, it was probably because of one of our more talented players won the game for us.  Now all the players are working and it’s showing.  I’ve even witnessed this from the the couple of games I’ve seen so far, it really is a nice change.  I’m going to tonights game VS the Nashville Predators, hopefully the hard work pays off again.

2 thoughts on “Fickle fans”

  1. haha, im definitely fuckle at times, 20+ years of losing does that to you. another frustrating night tonight, nucks lose 3-2 to nashville.

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