San Fran & Bay Area

I was in the San Francisco/Oakland bay-area for about 10 days total in June for work. We’re doing a cool project with Enterprise car-rentals and Google.

I spent the first weekly staying in the valley area – Palo Alto, back n forth to San Leandro. Most the week was spent in the valley before heading to San Francisco for the weekend. On my first trip I saw the Giants play the Athletics, Athletics won. I was only around for 2 nights on my second trip but I made sure I saw a Giants game each day after work. Giants played the Padres twice and ended up splitting 2 of the games I caught. No Barry Bonds homeruns but I did see a bunch of homeruns. AT&T park is an amazing ball-park, located right on the water.

I spent some time checking out Fishermans Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge, I didn’t think anything special of the Wharf, just another tourist spot. Driving over the Golden Gate bridge was cool though. It actually reminded me of the Lions gate bridge here in Vancouver except twice as big. Overall it was a good but long trip, next time I’ll try to make sure I’m not stuck in the valley 😉