Juventus Fined For Ibra ‘Gypsy’ Banner

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Juventus have been fined £12,000 after Bianconeri supporters unveiled an offensive banner against Inter star Zlatan Ibrahimovic during the week 11 clash in Turin.

Ibrahimovic is public enemy number one among Juve fans following his acrimonious move to Inter following the Calciopoli crisis last summer.

The Swede is seen as something of a traitor and was given a rough ride throughout the Derby d’Italia at the Stadio Olimpico on November 4.

Juve fans booed and jeered Ibra continuously and unveiled a banner reading “Ibrahimovic the grubby gypsy”.

Ibrahimovic, who has been in stunning form this season, was also given some rough treatment by Juve hardman Giorgio Chiellini.

Chiellini marked the 26-year-old completely out of the game and put in a number of strong challenges.

Ibracadabra is currently training with the Swedish national team ahead of their crucial Euro 2008 qualifier at home to Latvia on Wednesday. The Swedes require a draw to clinch qualification for next summer’s finals in Austria and Switzerland.


Haiku D’etat – Wants vs Needs

Forgetting the things you want
Versus getting the things that you need
And tell me how bad do you want it
And tell me how much of it’s greed

You want wine
And need water
These rhymes we offer
The kind of authors
To knock ya’ out of ignorance
End of the innocence
Begin to the finishing
With the men significant
Welfare recipients
Addicts with a bad habit
Somebody’s baby’s momma
At the Carter
In the new jack city
Oh what a pity
This again locked up
For soliciting
Oldest profession
The men buy
So it’s selling
You want pork
Need veggies
For your bone support
Be ready for armageddi
Hold the fort down
Go through the court trial
Get acquitted
Be committed
To the sacrifice
It’s a lotta pie
Ab get a slice

And tell me how bad you want it
And tell me how much of it’s greed
Forgetting the things that you want
Versus getting the things that you need
And tell me how bad do you want it
And tell me mow much of it’s greed
Forgetting the things that you want
Versus getting the things that you need

Right about now
A nigga Drunk
Been smoking
Some ole janky
Rolled stress blunts
I want skunk
I really want my baby momma cunt
She kick it with punks
When I know a family man
What she want
Bitch made niggas
On the rag
Every month
I should just punt fools
Like footballs
My goals to make you look
Yo I could call some stunts
>From porno industries
Or get some from
In the streets
Shady heat
That’s meant for me
But what I want
And what I need
Should be about me
And my seeds
Cause sometimes
I have flashbacks
Of chopping crack
And weed
Moving X and LSD
Having sex
With more than 3
Busting checks
For 50 gees
Cashing checks
And pushing keys
Vexed and connects
With the greed
I process
Take the rolex off your wrist
Take the roladex off your desk
But in the long run
I’m a strong son
Those klepto days done
My life reflects
Cause and effect
In every action
I’m sorry my karma
Ran over your dogma
Loved one
Don’t be upset
We can still pop a bottle
Then we can get lit up and wet
The common ground
Is the love
We all express
Whoever got a problem
With that
Deserves what they get!

Forgetting the things that you want
Versus getting the things that you need
And tell me how bad do you want it
And tell me how much of it’s greed
Forgetting the things that you want
Versus getting the things that you need

I want money
I need food
I want clothes
I need housing
I want cars
I need good health
I need knowledge of self
I got knowledge of self
I want peace
But I need help
I want to do right
But I need the mic
I want wings
But they gave me a bike
I need light
I want the blacks to know
They need the facts
I want a Cadillac
But I need tracks
To make stacks
I want a million in the bank
And a pound of dank
But I need to think
Cause I could sink
And get caught up
In the funk stank
I want to pull rank
But I need to be a saint
And so I need a prayer
And after that
I need a drink
Cause I want to be
Wanted need
To be needed
But I want to stay
And need to be
For my own goodness sake
I want to escape
But I need to set you straight
So tell me how bad do you want it
And tell me
How much of it’s greed
Getting the things that you want
Or getting the things that you need


Tutu calls for global ban on death penalty

LONDON (AFP) – The death penalty is a violation of fundamental human rights, and it should be abolished around the world, South Africa‘s Desmond Tutu wrote in a comment piece in The Guardian on Tuesday.

Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former archbishop of Cape Town, was writing ahead of a vote on a draft resolution at the United Nations General Assembly calling for a moratorium on executions with the ultimate goal of abolishing the practice later this month.

“I am delighted that the death penalty is being removed from the globe,” Tutu wrote, referring to steadily rising numbers of countries that have abolished capital punishment in either law or practice.

“The death penalty … says that to kill in certain circumstances is acceptable, and encourages the doctrine of revenge.

“If we are to break these cycles, we must remove government-sanctioned violence.”

According to Giuseppe Manzo, a counsellor at Italy‘s UN mission, 72 countries co-sponsored a draft resolution on the death penalty which was circulated earlier this month, ahead of a vote by the full 192-member assembly.

“The time has come to abolish the death penalty worldwide,” Tutu wrote.

“The case for abolition becomes more compelling with each passing year.”

Two previous attempts to secure adoption of such a resolution in the General Assembly failed in 1994 and 1999.

According to human rights group Amnesty International, 133 countries have abolished the death penalty in law or practice, while 64 countries and territories retain and use capital punishment, although the number of countries which actually execute prisoners in any one year is much smaller.

“In country after country, it (capital punishment) is used disproportionately against the poor or against racial or ethnic minorities,” Tutu wrote in The Guardian.

“It is often used as a tool of political repression. It is imposed and inflicted arbitrarily. It is an irrevocable punishment, resulting inevitably in the execution of people innocent of any crime.

“It is a violation of fundamental human rights.”


UN food expert praises Cuba’s ability to feed its people

Amazing. I can also say that I never saw someone hungry during my trips there. Sure they had a few people begging for money, but they looked like they were being fed properly. It’s amazing to see a country like this do these things, the preparations they have in place for hurricanes is also amazing, rarely are lives lost.

HAVANA: A U.N. food expert hailed Cuba as a world model in feeding its population, some 18 years after the collapse of the Soviet Bloc ravaged the island’s economy and sparked widespread hunger.

Jean Ziegler, who has been the United Nations’ independent investigator on “the right to food” since 2000, spent 11 days in Cuba on a fact-finding mission, meeting with top officials and chatting up farmers, state managers and ordinary Cubans waiting in line for food allotted by ration cards.

“We haven’t seen even one malnourished person” — a rare feat in much of poverty-stricken Latin America, Ziegler said Tuesday. “The right to being fed is the priority, without a doubt.”

Cuba is one of 32 countries that include the “right to food” in their constitutions, and fewer still — including Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy — meet pledges to provide food to all their citizens, he said.

Ziegler, who visited two prisons in Havana to ask inmates about their daily diets, did not address human rights concerns over the arbitrary imprisonment and alleged abuse of political prisoners and critics of the island’s one-party government.

Despite a 46-year U.S. embargo against the communist-run island, Cuba has found ways to ensure its population does not go hungry, Ziegler said. “Cuba always invents an answer,” he noted.

Widespread daily shortages continue to frustrate Cubans, and the government blames those — and nearly all other — problems on the embargo. Yet since 2000, Cuba has been able to purchase food and agricultural products from the U.S. on a cash basis.

The island still struggles with major deficits in food production, and relies too much on foreign imports, Ziegler said. But the related need to improve production capacity has been addressed more openly since July, when interim leader Raul Castro encouraged people to seek ways to improve efficiency in farming and other sectors.

Raul Castro has governed Cuba since July 2006, when emergency intestinal surgery forced his brother Fidel to step aside.

Ziegler’s visit marked the third time a U.N. special investigator has been invited to the island since 1998. The Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights Council appoints outside experts like him to investigate specific countries or subjects, giving them wide latitude in their reports.

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