the bay

I’m back in the California bay area for work again. Working with Google on their G-Fleet program and with the County of Alameda. I’m done with Google and have 2 more days with Alameda. Sumeet’s coming down Friday AM to spend the weekend in San-Francisco with me. Finally after all the traveling I’ve done we’ve worked it so she can come down for a short getaway. Monday night I fly into Kelowna to work with City of Kelowna for a day then I fly home on Tuesday night. Although I do enjoy traveling, I think its overrated depending on how busy you are. It seems like I have to play catch-up a lot during in the evenings from what I missed back at the office.

My biggest pet peeve about traveling is how bad the internet is at the hotels. I stay at decent hotels – Best Western, Marriott etc and the internet ALWAYS sucks. I’m in Silicon Valley and the internet doesn’t work half the time, whats the deal with that??!! I find the best bet is to stay somewhere with wired internet and just bring a little wireless router, works like a charm. I didn’t bother with that this time and I wish I had stayed in places with wired internet. Luckily this Best Western in Pleasonton, CA has decent wireless once you’re actually able to grab an IP address.

I’ve driven by a ton of the bigger technology players, MS, Adobe, Yahoo, VMWare, Web-ex, Acer, Nokia, Symantec and a bunch more I can’t remember. I was in downtown San Jose to pick my Shark tickets and man was I surprised just how low-key the city was, no towering buildings etc, just not the hustle and bustle I imagined it would be, seemed liked a pretty boring city actually.

Take a look at this crazy Best Western we’re staying at in San-Fran – I was surprised a Best Western could be so nice and at a decent rate…

“Welcome to the Best Western Hotel Tomo, newly renovated and inspired by Japanese pop-culture. From the wall of televisions in our lobby to futuristic murals in each guest room, this is a San Francisco experience like no other.”

Our plan for the weekend is to hit Big Sur which looks like it’ll be the highlight of the trip. Also going to check out the Sharks-Sabres game on Saturday, that should be a good game. I’m going to the Golden State Warriors game tonight, they play the Milwaukee Bucks. I haven’t been to an NBA game since the Grizzlies were in Vancouver, should be good. Sporting events are usually the first thing I check into once I know I’m traveling around if time allows. We’ll also do some shopping, take advantage of the strong Canadian dollar. Might do the 49mile drive too if we have enough time.

That’s it for now.