Sooooo yeah. Random things going on:

Canucks traded Matt Cooke to the Capitals for Matt Pettinger, someone I know very little about but hopefully he fits in with the team and can contribute right away. With Burrows playing so well and Cooke being a UFA after this season – was somewhat expected. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t make a bigger splash to be honest. So here is my honest opinion on things (no sports radio or articles influencing my opinion)..we all know a Canuck fan who can pinpoint a time in Canuck history where they lost some of their enthusiasm due to a certain game or play that ended the Canucks playoff run. For me it was game 4 of the Anaheim series last year, I believe they were either up 2-1 or 3-1 going into the 3rd, Anaheim leading the series 2-1 so it was a huge game for us, losing means basically losing the series being down 3-1 with no real chance of coming back from that deficit. We let Anaheim win the game and went on to lose the series. So I was hoping the Canucks would end up making a bigger splash then they did, I have no problem letting go Bourdon, Schneider and even Kesler. Edler was the one player I was hoping we wouldn’t trade. I understand our GM’s reasoning for not pulling the trigger, but you wonder how much longer we’ll truly have at a shot to make a serious run for the cup. I guess with Naslunds and Mo’s contracts being up at seasons end, we can sign some players that are actually worth paying as much as we do for those two.

What else…today I’ve been vibing to some Bebel Gilberto, a Brazilian singer with a great voice. Oh No (madlibs bro) from Stones Throw Records, his “Dr.No’s Oxperiment” instrumental album is excellent.

I’ve got a lot of projects at work going on right now, too many it seems. Off to Dallas next week for 2 days of vehicle installtions. I got a ticket for a Stars game, they’re playing the Coyotes so it should be a decent game.

I watched Taxi to the Darkside the other day, it won best documentary at the Oscars. Another great documentary regarding all the screwed up shit with the current U.S. administration, in particular the way they authorized torture techniques in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I’ve got my first Tai-Chi class on Saturday morning, looking forward to it.

Anyways, I’m writing this while eating my lunch and I’m done, later.

One thought on “yeah”

  1. Tai-Chi!….very fitting for you baby. Zen out.

    The Canucks….I dunno. My heart has been broken toooo many times from them. When you were a rugrat and a yardape I was a screaming Canucks fan, who got no satisfaction.

    I am 100% behind them, but I gotta’ move on man. I wish them to WIN!!!!!!

    The flick “Taxi To The Darkside” was what I imagined it was. After I watched it I wondered what that white bread George would do in place of those men. I think he’d scream like a little girl for his mommy in 0.5 seconds flat. I hate that government. ( do you think there is a country in the world who does not? )

    Great blog Kelly. It makes me think.

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