bored in Davis, CA

yep, bored as shit.  i tend to get bored when traveling by myself quite a bit.  im watching the baseball game, having a beer but yet im booooooored!  anyways, im in Davis to train the Fleet Services department at the university of california davis on our systems. so far, so good.  im at this hotel close to the university, the hallmark inn.  they have free booze between 5-7pm, so far ive hit it up the 2 nights ive been here. 

looking forward to the palin-biden debate tomorrow, i cant see palin winning the debate but you never know. apparently she has a good debate record but i suspect biden will come out hard, at least i hope so.  the pundits say he needs to make sure he does come out hard and not take mercy on her for being a women.

i watched the first mccain-obama debate, mccain actually surprised me.  he came off decently, he actually seems to know what he’s talking about unlike bush. his stiff ass arms kinda scare me though. he’s really kinda creepy.  anyways this blogging is boring…later.

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