Obama camp declines comment on reported Castro offer

(CNN) – The Obama transition team declined comment
Wednesday on a report that Cuban President Raul Castro might be
interested in meeting with the president-elect at Guantanamo Bay, and
had told an interviewer Cubans could “send [Obama] home with the
American flag that waves over” the U.S. base there.

Asked whether he would be willing to visit Washington to speak with
Obama, Castro instead suggested to actor Sean Penn Guantanamo Bay could
serve as “neutral ground” for discussions. Castro also told Penn, in an
interview published in The Nation, that the two leaders “must meet and begin to solve our problems.”

Raul Castro’s brother, longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro,
criticized Obama this spring for his position in favor of altering –
but retaining – Washington’s nearly five-decade trade embargo on the
island nation.

Obama came under fire from campaign rivals for his statement at a
CNN/YouTube Democratic primary debate that he would be willing to meet
without preconditions with Castro and other leaders hostile toward the
United States.

–CNN’s Ed Henry contributed to this report


New fashion trend

not a big of this new fashion trend im finding women wearing (late 20’s – early 30’s)…

-open toed shoes
-skin tight jeans
-big huge ugly sweater over top
-then another jacket on top

I see this everywhere downtown. A lot of times you find these girls riding their retro bicycles up pender riding on the fuckin sidewalk, no helmet etc.  They like to open retro hair salons too, we have quite a few.  As you can probably tell, I’m not down with it.

p.s. you will start notice im going to blog more, and tweet more.  Less IM and email.