New fashion trend

not a big of this new fashion trend im finding women wearing (late 20’s – early 30’s)…

-open toed shoes
-skin tight jeans
-big huge ugly sweater over top
-then another jacket on top

I see this everywhere downtown. A lot of times you find these girls riding their retro bicycles up pender riding on the fuckin sidewalk, no helmet etc.  They like to open retro hair salons too, we have quite a few.  As you can probably tell, I’m not down with it.

p.s. you will start notice im going to blog more, and tweet more.  Less IM and email.

3 thoughts on “New fashion trend”

  1. I’m not “down with it” either.

    Nylons and open toe shoes???

    Is there ANYONE who should wear skin tight jeans, camel toe all out there? I think not. ( the worst is skin tight white pants…*shudder* )

    The photo is scary. Now I’ll be seeing scraggy people everywhere!

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