Just thought I’d quickly update….

Things have been going well lately but the stress is there.  We just booked our vacation for end of January so I’m definitely looking forward to it.  It will probably one of our last trips for a while…I think you can guess what is next.

Priorities shifting lately, interests broadening….more then anything lately I really appreciate a good conversation with good peoples.  Been practicing on the tables a lot lately.  Finally got a table for my gear, today I pick up and laptop stand, woot.

Just finished John Perkins “confessions of an economic hitman” for the 2nd time.  Such a great read, all those things you hear about really are true.  The intent to exploit other countries for their resources exists and has been happening for a long time.  As a Canadian citizen who’s country is part of G8, I can’t help but wonder what Canadian companies/mercenaries have done to contribute to the “empire”.

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