oh yeah vacation

I haven’t even started my vacation list which is kinda weird for me.  I usually like putting a together a list a week before I go to make sure I cover everything.  Not sure what it is, maybe it’s because I fully know what to expect and know what I need, without really thinking about it.

Anywho’s, not much else going on lately.  Working and trying to hit the gym.  I’m seriously looking forward to this summer and I’m praying we actually get 2 solid months of summer this year.  I’m going to make a serious effort to do a lot of overnight hiking trips.  It feels like the olde I get, the more I detest the cold..yeah I must be getting old.


p.s.  vacationing in varadero next week with Sumeet and my grandmother.  Grandma’s two other sisters and one of their husbands are also making the trip.  Looking forward to some sunny beach days.

2 thoughts on “oh yeah vacation”

  1. Sooooo,put up some fucking pictures already!

    ‘Ya been there….what? 2 days? c’mon maaaaan!

    Us sad sacks who are freezing our asses off ( it snowed 10 cm’s, by the way, LAST NIGHT, wanna’ hear how delicious it is there!!!! )

    Never mind. Wait till the morning. The gawd damn city plow prick has once again shoveled me in. I need to put on my winter gear and shovel my fucking drive way again.

    Oh, hope YOU’RE having FUN!

    ( It’s quite pretty here actually! Hopeyou’re having fun….seriously! )

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