Not In-Sync

It was early 2013 when I noticed that my left hand seemed to be having trouble keeping up with my right while typing at work. I remember it was specifically my left pinky and ring fingers that were not in-sync.   Around the same time, I also started to experience the same type of issue with my left leg.  To me it felt as if my left leg wasn’t a ‘part’ of me some of the time.  It wasn’t ‘listening’ to me and keeping in-sync with the rest of my body.  When this first happened, I can recall walking to a friends house which was about a 15min walk. It felt as if my leg wasn’t going to continue and that I might have to drag it the rest of the way, but somehow I convinced it.  These symptoms went away after a couple of months.  Some more time went by and everything was fine.  I even hauled  firewood onto our deck with no issues, no problems.

A bit more time went by and the same symptoms came back but this time they were much stronger.  It became harder to type, I was constantly hitting the caps-lock key without intending to.  My left leg was in a world of its own, half of the time not ‘listening’ to me.  I also had a couple new symptoms.  First I felt like I lost most of my balance in my left leg and things like riding the bus became a whole new adventure.  Another was my bladder.  I had to pee a lot and when I did, look-out, I had about 5-10 minutes to find a toilet.

After being referred to a neurologist who recommended an MRI, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 2014.  Specifically I was diagnosed with “Relapsing-remitting MS”  which is the most common form of MS.  I had been going through what is known as a ‘relapse‘.

Some symptoms started to dissipate but others weren’t going  away at all.  I was waiting patiently, hopingpraying that everything would return to normal again, eventually.  I started taking DMDs – Rebif (injections) and switched a couple months later to Tecfidera (oral).  So far so good on those I guess but the symptoms still  have not disappeared.  They’re with me everyday now and I’ve now accepted that, I have to.  Time to move on.

It’s all about preventing this disease from getting worse from here on out and taking the ‘next steps’ and part of that will be by blogging from time to time.

until next time…