The Relapse

So it happened.  I started to have some soreness with the left side, always the left side, of my groin and knee a few days before Halloween.  It progressed to the point where I knew something was up because I hadn’t done anything physically to cause myself this much pain. I was also beginning to limp. The pain got steadily worse and I was getting worried.  Neurologist confirmed I was going through a relapse and prescribed me some oral steroids.  Those didn’t help and ended up at Lions Gate hospital for a 5-day intravenous steroid treatment.  By this time I was having some serious nerve pain, it was random and it was interesting to see I couldn’t physically replicate the pain.

Everyone in the apartment knew when the pains came. My left quad
couldn’t bear my weight and I was using a brace and a cane at times.
I even saw a physiatrist (rehab doc) who suggested the brace.

Diana, my physio, was not happy to see me back so quickly.

About 1 month later after going back to rehab/physio. I was able to ditch the brace + cane – yay!  I was able to take some time off and luckily was able to work from home a good amount too – I feel very fortunate to be able to do that and I know how lucky I am.

Now it’s back to kicking this disease in the ass.

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