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More cigars, Audioslave

Got my order in today. One box of Cohiba Siglo IV’s and one box of Bolivar Corona Gigantes. Booyah! Had a siglo IV this evening and it was delicious. Check out the pics.

Audioslave is giving a free concert in Cuba soon. The venue (La Tribuna in Havana) has accommodated up to 1 million people in the past. Glad to see this, music and musicians have brought countries together before and hopefully this is a new trend for U.S and Cuba.

Montercristo no.4

I enjoyed my 1st Montercristo cigar last weekend. It was the Montercristo no.4. It was excellent, hint of nut, good draw and it burnt well, it’s one of cheaper and most popular of the habano’s. I was living the high-life at the Cambie, drinking Stella and smoking a cigar there just seemed weird, but the sunshine was out in full-force and they had a patio so…