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new job!!

Yahoo, finally back to work! I’m now a ‘ installation & maintenance technican‘ for Teligence. It’s a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to something different with some travelling involved, I start Monday. 😎

Checked out ‘ the bourne supremacy ‘ which really kicked ass but I think I liked the 1st one better. Also saw ‘ harold and kumar go to whitecastle’ which was *really* funny, way better then I expected, it even got two thumbs up.

Added a style switcher for the site so that users could pick their own favorite skin, I like the jaws skin the best and it should be the default for the site, also added a plugin ‘google-pics’ that adds pics from and directs to you to the news article.
Also added a panoramic view of english bay as the site banner :wink:, let me know what ya think!

la la la

I’m into my 2nd of no-workie now, I’ve had a couple call-backs so next up is the interview which will be happening this week, one job looks really good. I’m going to enjoy my time off while I have it.

Sumeet is in Toronto this week (poor girl) doing some training, btw, she currently works at Navigata Communications.

Check the pics out from Black Mountain, the views are from Eagle Bluff on Black Mtn located @ Cypress. I might try and hike HollyBurn Peak again myself weather permitting.

If the weather is super shitty this week I’ll probably try to make the site cooler, add-ons etc. We’ll see!

extended vacation time

I’m officially on vacation now. My contract at Teligence expired and It’s back to job hunting. I applied for two positions at Teligence and the chances of one of them are pretty good, I should know this week.

Calgary was kinda interesting, I learned that everyone lives in the suburbs, the place is a ghosttown on weekends. The Stampede was like theVancouver PNE but with a cowboy twist. Check out the pics. Driving home from the airport, seeing all the mountains and thinking about all the type of activities you can do in BC on any given day really made me realize how lucky I am to live in BC.

Sumeet and I we’re in Kelowna last weekend, it was scorching hot, about 42-43 degrees. Stayed for a couple of nights, partied it up, rented scooters, visited Grandma 🙂

Getting ready to hike Black Mountain this morning, should be a good one.


I’m heading to the Calgary Stampede this weekend!:grin: Sumeet’s friend’s husband is a mechanic at Air Canada and he was able to hook us up with $50 flight tickets to Calgary, we couldn’t pass up such a sweet deal. I’ve been once, when I was 10yrs old and I don’t remember much so I’m definately looking forward to it.

Well I headed up to Seymour Mountain for the 3rd time this week with the intention of hiking Dog Mountain again. We decided to try Seymour Mtn itself instead, well at least to the top of the ski lifts….we got 3/4’s the way up and I said screw it. I had worked out earlier in the day and was already bagged, plus it was all uphill, lotsa fun, not. Sumeet and I saw a big bear twice this week, in the same spot looking for garbage right next to a house, that was cool. I got one picture of him then I tried to zoom in close but he bailed.
The next hike is black mountain forsure. I also wanna get out to Manning Park and back to Elfin Lakes for a overnighter.

Been watching Big Brother? I’ve been watching it and Jase and Scott suck! Those two guys need to be voted off very soon, not only because they have formed a strong alliance but because their such girls, pretty boys etc, they must go. I think the girls of the house will take care of them…hopefully.

Well, I’m leaving Saturday morning and returning Sunday night, flying stanby (eek). I’ll be back with a bunch of pictures, redneck pics definately and a big hangover…..

wheres the sun?

Argh!!! The sun should be shining, I should be on my way to cypress to hike black mountain taking pictures with my new camera…

Sold my Canon A300 and picked up a Canon S1 IS . It’s a 3.2MP but with 10x optical zoom and a optical image stabalizer. So far so good! Check the new pics here.

I saw Spiderman 2 on Thursday and it rocked! Definately the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen. I especially liked the elevator scene, good ol’ spidey. I’m already looking forward to ‘spiderman 3’. I still need to see Farenheit 9/11 and Anchorman. I hear King Arthur is also pretty good.

2 days, 2 posts

Well I’ve added on a weather report to the site, speaking of weather, wasnt it suppose to piss rain today? It was a bit overcast but the sun was shining through for most of the day…I’ve also added a link to my updated resume.
For those who don’t know, I currently work at Teligence Communications. They specialize in IVR technology and run some of the most popular dating chat lines in North America. I’m currently under contract to install Windows XP to 400+ workstations and provide system support. Pretty good place to work, good people and definately interesting to say the least.

I’m psyched for my 1st real hike of the summer. Sumeet and I are heading up to Black Mountain which is located in Cypress Provincial Park. Jason and I have been up to Dog Mountain and Lighthouse Park so far this summer.

1st blog!!

Well I’ve finally given in, I’ve decided to join the rest of the world and start my own weblog..
wordpress v1.2 is the blogging tool that I’m using and it seems pretty slick, not that I know a hell of a lot about weblogs, but I’m learning. ..stay tuned for more…