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15th in poker tourney

I placed 15th in my first real casino poker tournament on Saturday!

I went with Skarb to the RiverRock for their $90+10 bi-weekly tournament. I started off aggressively as I normally do but was too agressive and saw almost half of my stack gone. I then started to get some good hands, QQ, AA, 10’s twice. I was able to take advantage of the good cards and knocked out the first 3 people at my table and quickly became a chip leader in the tourney. After a while the blinds were at $500-1000 and the ante’s 200$, this is where I started to lose a bit, I wasn’t getting great cards and the ante’s were slowing eating away at my stack and by that time I was no longer the big-stack at the table. Word reached that were almost at the last 15 and everyone was happy to have made it in the money. We had the 2nd final break and on my first hand I was dealt pocket 7’s, blinds $1000-2000, ante’s $300. I raised to 4000, and then I was re-raised to 10,000. It was one of those feelings you get, the ones where it doesn’t matter what the odds are, just a gut feeling and I went all-in, the person instantly called me showing pocket aces. I went out 15th and collected $154 and some change. I basically put the other person on a big draw like A,K or A,Q and I felt like it would be a race with my 7’s. I’m not pissed with my decision at all, I probably could have stuck around for another 5-6 hands and maybe never had a better hand then 7’s. Anyways it was fun and a great experience, I’ll be back.